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Costume Closet

I have been collecting and creating costumes for many years, helping everyone from cast members to cosplayers build their character’s look, without breaking the bank.

What We Do

What makes a costume successful? The base garments, the layers and accessories. We help you find or design the pieces necessary to build the look you are dreaming of.

From Trash to Treasure

A base item or a layering piece can start with something as simple as a treasure hunt or a thrift score excursion. These are some of the items that I saw potential in, items that can be the beginning of something amazing, or a way to elevate your look.

From Oma’s Sewing Room

After years as a self-taught sewist, Oma produces the simple items you need to start building garb for historical reenactment or ren faire fun.


Don’t Forget the Accessories

Accessories make or break your overall look. Make sure to choose bold statement pieces that that serves a function (like a bag to hide that cellphone, or a hood for inclement weather) while also enhancing your overall vision. Then, add flair with something personal, such as handmade trim or a beaded necklace.